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Community Members Supporting Teachers

What can community members do to support rural teachers?

By supporting local teachers, community members can strengthen the success and capacity of the schools. A teacher’s ability to instill a sense of place-based belonging in their students is deepened when community members engage directly with teachers and schools. Here are some ways community members can get involved:



  • Attending School Board Meetings
  • Attending PTO Meetings
  • Following the local district social media channels and newsletter
  • Sharing grant or learning opportunities with teachers and district staff


  • Doing small acts of gratitude toward teachers and school staff
  • Inviting new teachers to join in on local events and customs
  • Listening to teacher requests, and then acting responsively and responsibly
  • Highlighting the work of teachers with a local advocacy campaign or group on social media
  • Nominating local teachers to regional, state, or national award programs


  • Volunteering to teach a lesson or tutor at a school
  • Offering time or supplies to maintain school facilities
  • Signing up to chaperone events and trips
  • Creating or contributing to local school foundations
  • Donating money or books to local libraries

Rural teachers are praised for wearing many hats, but being stretched too thin leads to feeling overwhelmed or inadequate. By doing the above activities, community members strengthen the bonds betweek their region and schools, and well-supported schools lead to successful rural places. Everyone can pitch in to ease the burden placed on our rural teachers, thereby expanding their ability to work effectively.

Teacher Story
“The community's a family - the school, the students, and all the faculty and staff - it's like a family, and everyone pulls together to support each other and be there for each other, especially in times of need. It's definitely a way of life.”
Emily Driscoll, IL
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