Rural Educators Across Borders Resources

Building sustainable rural communities centered around a robust local school system is an international effort. This list of resources compiles the exemplary work of partners from around the world to support and strengthen rural schools and teachers. The hope of this resource list is to inform, inspire, and energize your own local efforts to create vibrant rural schools. If you'd like to submit your own resource, or have any questions about the tools and tips listed here, please feel free to reach out at: info@ruralschoolscollaborative.org

Rural Report
This report was commissioned by ERW, and the result of joint work conducted by Mark Ford and Rachael Fitzpatrick (Education Development Trust).
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Nearly 100 children and young people from primary and secondary schools across North Wales joined together for a ground-breaking TEDx event at Theatr Clwyd on 1 November to call for more action to tackle climate change to build a better future for future generations.
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Place-based education is an approach that connects learners and communities to increase student engagement, boost learning outcomes, impact communities and promote understanding of the world around us.
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