Hannah Libby

Hannah Libby, Western Illinois University, student participant at the Great River Teacher Corps shares her story, Macomb, Illinois

November 14, 2018 |

I am from Oneida, Illinois. It is a small rural town with a bank, one church, and a school.

I want to teach in small Illinois rural schools because I came from one. I believe there are great benefits to teaching in a small school. I can gain better professional relationships with my students due to smaller numbers. This could help me teach them in more in one on one situations which in turn could help them excel. Small schools bring various opportunities for all students to participate in if they choose. Teaching agriculture especially in a small rural school, I hope to influence my students someday in a positive way and help them gain knowledge, leadership, and responsibility the way my Agriculture experiences did for me in my schooling.

I want to teach as a High school Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor. I am most excited about being able to help my students grow within and learn about the industry of agriculture. I want to give back to my students and help them gain personal growth and many life skills that I was able to learn through my high school agriculture experiences. I also want to be able to connect with them and help each student see their own potential, the way my agriculture teacher and FFA advisor did for me.

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