Janell Asbury, Colstrip, MT

April 27, 2020 |

We are asking rural communities to share how COVID-19 is impacting them and how teachers and teacher-leaders are adapting in the face of nationwide school closures. Read below how Janell Asbury describes teachers supporting children near and farm from her home in Colstrip, MT (Pine Butte Elementary). You can share yours here: http://buff.ly/3d7hWUe | Colstrip Public Schools

"This has been a challenging time for our district. We survey not only the kids in our town, but also kids who are currently over an hour away on the reservation near our town. We have been providing school lunches both in town and by bus every day. We are a one to one school so we ended up sending out our technogy so that students could do most of their learning online. Mrs. Laurie Neumiller has been an awesome leader to bring spirit, hope, and happiness to all the students she has served. She organized a teacher parade which ended up being over 90 miles of driving because we went to see students on the reservation. She also helped organize a video to include all teachers to send out to students to give a boost of love and hope during this crazy time."

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