Jennifer Brown, Seneca Falls, NY

New York native returns home to "teach the future generations"

June 16, 2020 |

Since I was in second grade, I knew I wanted to be an elementary teacher. I would spend hours drawing out what my classroom would look like and read countless stories to my dolls that stood in the place of my future students. Year after year, my drive to become a teacher never changed and that's all in part to the teachers who influenced me along the way. Even more so, these relationships only solidified that I wanted to come back to my hometown and teach the future generations in the same building that influenced me.

Truth is, now that I have children of my own, I couldn't imagine them going through their own educational journey anywhere else but here in Seneca Falls. We are a close knit family. We know about each other's families and we take part in each other's times of celebrations and times of sadness. This unprecedented time is no different. Being a part of a rural community allows for support like no other. I have the relationships already built between my colleagues, administration, and parents that have helped to ease the unknowns during this trying time.

We are all working together to ensure that each and every child has the proper setup for ultimate success - academically, socially and emotionally. We have provided online learning as well as packets for equal access to education. We have provided students with laptops and internet access if they have requested it. Post cards, emails, and home visits have all been done to let my students know that they are loved, missed and thought of. I can't even count the number of zooms and flipgrids I have been a part of to continue connecting to my 18 students. My rural advantage has allowed for all of this to continue to happen.

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