Starting from Scratch

We are just beginning to scratch the surface!

May 6, 2015 |


Starting a new organization is not as simple as crossing a road. <\/p>"

Launching a new organization isn't easy, especially one that works at the grassroots level in different states and regions. Frankly, we need your help to succeed!

The math is simple--the more people we engage, the better our chances to garner resources that can be put to good use in small schools and rural communities. Here's how you can help:

First, get connected! Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Also, please sign up for our email list at the bottom of our homepage.

Next, spread the word. Contact others who care as deeply as you do about rural education and its role in community development. Please send them a link to our website, or connect through Facebook.

Finally, consider investing in our work by making a small contribution or sharing an idea. You can be a catalyst for real change. Get involved!

Thank you for your consideration; we hope you will join us. We promise not to lay an egg.

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