Job Board: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jobs are allowed on the Teach Rural Job Board?

U.S.-based Educator or Administrator roles in small or rural districts are eligible to post.

How do I know if my school counts as rural?

You can look up your school on https://nces.ed.gov/programs/maped/LocaleLookup/ . Generally, schools identified as Town (31, 32, 33) or Rural (41, 42, 43) fall in this scope.

I posted a job, but don't see it on the site yet. When will it be posted?

Our team makes every effort to review posts in a timely fashion - if there are no questions or issues during review, you can expect to see your job posted within three business days.

How long do jobs stay posted on the Teach Rural board?

Jobs will stay posted for 6 weeks before automatically expiring. You can then re-submit the job if it is still open, or send an email to jobs [at] ruralschoolscollaborative.org requesting to renew.

I need to make changes to a job, or have additional questions. Who can I talk to?

Please send us an email at jobs [at] ruralschoolscollaborative.org