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    Is this your first career, second career? Why did you choose to be a rural teacher? How was your own education experience and placement process? What do you enjoy about being a rural teacher? Why do you stay?
    As a teacher, do you feel as though the community views you as a leader? What does that community leadership role look like and how do you interact with the community? Do you think the school is important to the community, how so? What is your favorite thing about living in a rural community? What does your area offer to students and the community that is unique to the area (e.g., activities, culture, natural landscapes, etc.).
    Is there program, project, or activity that your school/class is working on or has completed that really highlights the power of place-based learning or rural schools and communities and what they are capable of achieving?
    What do you find challenging about being a rural teacher? How have you managed these challenges? Are there any state-level policies that would help you and other rural teachers manage these challenges? What would you suggest to policymakers and advocates?
    What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about becoming a rural teacher? What advice would you give to someone who just started teaching in a rural area?
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