Reciprocity Project Resources

rec·i·proc·i·ty: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

The Reciprocity Project is a unique international opportunity for rural teachers in different countries to collaboratively create a place-based experience for their students, and enable them to share with their peers around the world. Through this project, students will explore a unique aspect of their community, learn what environmental sustainability looks like locally, and then exchange their discoveries with a classroom of peers across the world. Building local-to-global connections are essential for education today, especially as we collectively strive to build more resilient and sustainable communities at home and abroad. The Reciprocity Project is one avenue humbly aspiring to help facilitate the growth of students' global-mindedness.

This resource page is meant to help inspire collaboration and innovation between the partner teachers as they work together to determine the details of the exchange project.

Exploring an Old Name of a Place in Search of a New Way to Be

Experience the deep intersections between people and place through this video that presents the future, and present, hope of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park in Wales amid a world beset with climate challenges.

Ideas for Curriculum and Projects

United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are 17 different issues, topics, and fields that require our immediate and persistent action in order to ensure a thriving future for all. Understanding what these goals look like locally represents a fruitful inquiry and growth opportunity for students.

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Subject to Climate

Climate Change Lesson Plans

This database offers nearly 150 different lesson plans created by teachers that explore climate change across all school ages, all subjects, and sub-divided into specific unit topics. These lesson plans are a part of a larger compilation pulling together over 2,200 teaching aids.

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The Nature Conservancy

Nature-Based Lesson Plans

This collection of resources is specifically designed for students aged 11-14, and focuses specifically on the intersections between the natural world and human society. Each lesson plan includes a free guide and video.

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WY Rural Student Place Triangle

Place-Based Education

Place-based education (PBE) is an innovative method of approaching classroom instruction that seeks to build bridges between the classroom and the community and achieve academic success with student inquiry, observation, and empowerment. For decades, Teton Science Schools has trained teachers and inspired students through the power of place. Their website contains this great overview of the basics of place-based education.

Explore the Basics

A Selection of Resources from Teton Science Schools

Place-Based Education & Environmental Education

Investigate the similarities and differences between the two approaches to implementing a locally-relevant classroom pedagogy.

Investigating the Local-to-Global Context

Dive deeper into one of six core place-based principles to uncover how exploring your local place unlocks global insights.

Getting Started: Toolkits, Guides, and Examples

See how other educators have worked with their students to create impactful place-based learning experiences.

Hear more about place-based education and the power of local-to-global connections:

In The News

Leading Climate Action in Rural Communities

Small town citizens unite for local climate action

Lasting climate action is not the sole domain of large organizations or corporations. Local communities around the world are proving that individuals can come together to great success with a genuine shared interest in securing a thriving, sustainable future for their home. This article by Canary Media explores one small New England town to uncover how local citizens are taking control of their community's environmental future.

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The Reciprocity Project is part of Rural Educators Across Borders, a component of the I Am A Rural Teacher Project created through the generosity of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that seeks to build connections among rural teachers globally.

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