Rural Educators Across Borders

Part of place-based education is exploring the local-to-global context. Thanks to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and RSC partners, this new program facilitates international teacher collaboration in a place-based framework.

Rural Educators Across Borders is a multi-organization collaboration, designed to create a digital platform to allow collaboration with and storytelling from rural educators across the world.

Based on discussions by early career teachers in the United States and Wales, there are three primary topics to frame the Rural Educators Across Borders discussion: Resiliency, Pedagogy, and Teaching in Place.

Thanks to our founding partners, Welsh Government, Princess of Girona Foundation in Spain, and Teton Science Schools. Check out the new Resources Page!

Rural Educators Across Borders Discusses Sustainability in Rural Schools: Watch the Replay!

On May 10th, 2022 we convened our second Rural Educators Across Borders event to discuss "Sustainability in Rural Schools." It was great to see so many partners come together to think about sustainability in our rural schools across the globe. Thank you to all those who participated in the event, our panelists, our partners, and event participants! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about future events!

Want More Global Perspectives?

Check out these stories from rural teachers around the world.


Podcast Feature: Fredrick Mugalula

When we look to teachers from around the world, we’re not only given an opportunity to appreciate our unique differences, but also to recognize what we share in common. That moment of recognition can be transformative in the effort to strengthen our rural schools and towns.

In this spirit, this episode of the I Am A Rural Teacher podcast features Fredrick Mugalula, an elementary teacher from southern Uganda and an early member of Rural Educators Across Borders.

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International Teacher Spotlight: Karen Yu - Chaozhou, China

Meet Karen Yu, a former teacher in rural China, who talks about her own experience and the rural education system at large. The school Karen taught in is in a village in the southern part of China, outside Chaozhou in Guangdong Province.

“Presentation, Practice, Production. It’s a traditional way of learning, and many teachers use that way when they teach students. . . However young teachers, like me and my colleagues of my age, try to introduce new methods.”

These include connecting students to local history, and giving them opportunities to explore personal interests and Chinese culture on their own.

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Resources for Global Rural Educators

These tools and tips will help inspire your own local-to-global connections in the classroom.

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