Nomination: Rob Zumbahlen - Altamont, IL

September 12, 2023 |

The following rural teacher nomination was forwarded to us from our friends at Eastern Illinois University. Know an outstanding educator we should highlight? Submit here or email info@ruralschoolscollaborative.org.

Rob Zumbahlen grew up in Effingham, Illinois and has studied and he received his degree from Eastern Illinois University and Missouri State University. After not being sure what he wanted to graduate with, he looked at his professors for inspiration. Zumbahlen specifically states, "Mr. Cameron Douglas Craig was by far one of my favorite teachers and he inspired me to think about becoming a teacher. I thought to myself if this guy can teach a class that I do not like and make me not only do well in the class, but truly enjoy it, I want to do what he does". Now Rob is at Altamont High School as a Business Teacher!

One of the many things Zumbahlen will do for rural schools is give the students opportunities to make a difference in their own communities. Zumbahlen expresses, "My goal/philosophy is that I go into school everyday and I make every effort I can to do my best and inspire as many students as I can". He understands that not every student will have a drive for business; however, he will help them succeed in the classroom, as well as life.

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