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Teaching in a rural location takes a lot of support. The Rural Teacher Resiliency Guide is here to help early career rural teachers find their stride in their new position, find balance, and make connections. The guide also includes advice on how administrators and community members can best support and welcome these teachers to the community.

Teacher Stories

Why we do what we do: The Rural Advantage

Yes, being a new rural teacher can be challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding. Throughout the guide you’ll see stories on the absolute best parts of teaching rural.

Teacher Story
“Build and foster positive relationships every year with students, parents, families, colleagues, the community, etc. It is the best thing that you could possibly do to have a successful year. Also, ask for help if you know that you need it. I know that a lot of times we don't want to be a burden on others, or our pride may get in the way, but it can make or break you.”
Tiffany Phillips, NC
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Teacher Story
“We know about each other's families and we take part in each other's times of celebrations and times of sadness. Being a part of a rural community allows for support like no other. I have the relationships already built between my colleagues, administration, and parents that have helped to ease the unknowns.”
Jennifer Brown, NY
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