Reciprocity Project Classes Engage in Introductory Activities

This succinct piece highlights several of the different “introductory activities” that have been produced by some of the participating Rural Educators Across Borders teachers and their students.

December 19, 2023 |

The Reciprocity Project is an I Am a Rural Teacher Pilot Program in collaboration with the Welsh Government, Rural Schools Collaborative, Teton Science Schools, University of Denver, and the University of Colorado—Denver.

Reciprocity Project Classes Engage in Introductory Activities

The inaugural Reciprocity Project was launched earlier this fall, and all 24 participating teachers from Wales, Northern Ireland, and the United States have met virtually with their respective teacher “partners” and project facilitators. In addition, several classes have already exchanged student-produced efforts introducing themselves and their communities. These activities include introductory videos, place-based instructional ideas, and even a “travel brochure.”

The goal is to have all introductory work wrapped up by early 2024, and at that point teachers will begin focusing on shared place-based instruction activities.

We hope you will check out some of the early work!

Clare Hamer, Trallwng School, Welshpool, Wales

Clare’s students made two introductory videos–one in English for Poison Spider School in Casper, Wyoming, and one in Welsh for their school partners at Llanllwni School, Llanllwni, Wales.

Karen Hernandez, Carthage, Missouri & Gwenfair Matthews-Jones, The Bodedern School, Bodedern, Wales

Students from both schools have shared introductory videos. Excitingly, both Karen’s students and Gwenfair’s students are engaged in bilingual learning!

Abi Dartnell, Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi, St. Davids, Wales & Hannah Jones, Pennar Community School, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Abi shared a place-based learning activity that provides information on her students’ community of St. Davids. Hannah’s students created leaflets about Pennar Community School. These have been shared with students in Boardman, Oregon!

Mariah Garzee, Central Intermediate School, Monmouth, Illinois

Mariah Garzee's Central Intermediate School students from Monmouth, Illinois introduce themselves to their partner classes at County Derry Primary School and St. Brigid's Primary School in Mayogall, Northern Ireland.

Thank you to all of our participating teachers! We look forward to sharing more student work in 2024!

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