Sara Hatlewick, Napoleon, ND

Agriculture teacher shares her rural advantage

June 2, 2020 |

First, let me tell you why I chose to teach. I grew up on a farming ranching operation and agriculture was a big part of my life. I worried about how some of my peers were looking at the industry and not really knowing the truths.

That is why I picked agriculture education as a career and teaching about our agriculture industry. I chose to teach in a rural school after I student taught in Napoleon. I felt that the community in the rural towns are closer and feel more like family and accept new people coming into their town. I felt that the students were very well-behaved and had the general respect and attitudes to help succeed as a teacher.

I would say to a rural teacher entering the profession that being involved in the community is important. They are your support system. They are the ones that will help financially as well as providing learning resources for your students.

My "Rural Advantage" is getting to know the students first but also having the agriculture background that I have growing up in the industry.

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